Mayo! Mayo!

It may come as a surprise (???) to some, but mayonnaise is simply an emulsion of egg and oil. Unless you buy “mayonnaise style dressing” like miracle whip. ick ick. I chucked my container of it after reading the ingredients. Why I bought it in the first place? No clue. Moment of weakness?

So I made my own mayo.  I do believe I yelled out something incredibly lame like “By golly, I finally did it! I made me some mayonnaise!…” followed by “I did it! I did it! I did it!” where Mr. Foodie and Kiddo probably thought I was nuts. Anyway, yup. After one colossal fail and a few mediocre attempts, I made homemade mayonnaise! I’ve got my technique down pat.

I’ve tried the recipe from The Clothes Make the Girl and Nom Nom Paleo, and they are both pretty similar. I used olive oil for both versions, but the big difference is that Nomnom’s only uses the yolk instead of the whole egg. Meh. I don’t find much of a taste difference either. Mr. Foodie said it looked weird and yellow. I told him to F#$% [email protected]#$ (mmmhmmm…)

It’s true when “they” say it’s all about the technique.  I’ve tried it in the food processor before, and I tried it by hand (owwiiee.. my arm hurts. I’m such a wimp), but then I had the genius idea to use the whisk attachment for my Cuisinart Smart Stick (yeah, didn’t I tell you to go get an immersion blender before?) Genius. Perfect. Of course this managed a careful technique of using my hip and raised leg to hold the bowl against the counter so that I had one hand free to drizzle oil and another free to do the whipping. Consequently, there was no third hand to take photos. But I took a photo of the final product: Beautiful! Nice thick consistency, finally!! 

I got a new Ninja Blender/food processor and I wanted to try it for mayo. It was a fail because the small amount that the emulsion starts with doesn’t go high enough for the blades to catch. Boo urns. I tried tilting it, and working around it, but the mayo was one big flop. unsalvageable. This is what we call a #mayofail #faileo. Not good. Nasty. Looked like melted butter!

But the successful homemade mayo is so delicious! I used it to make homemade ranch dressing!  And cumin-lime dressing from Well-Fed! I guesstimated the cumin-lime recipe since Kiddo was hogging the iPad so I couldn’t check my copy. Didn’t put in the jalapeno. Close enough!

Have you ever tried to make your own mayonnaise? It’s really not as hard as you’d think!